10 Reasons The Metaverse Will Soon Rule The Everyday World Everywhere!

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9 min readJul 5, 2022
10 Reasons The Metaverse Will Soon Rule The Everyday World Everywhere!

What is the Metaverse?

In futurism and science fiction, the metaverse is a hypothetical iteration of the Internet as a single, universal and immersive virtual world that is facilitated by the use of virtual reality(VR) and augmented reality (AR) headsets.

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For the Metaverse to function, it requires the use of advanced cameras, high-quality screens, immersive sound speakers, noise-canceling microphones, and various other sensors to detect both the real world and the virtual world that a person would be experiencing.

The idea of the Metaverse was first thought of and described by Neal Stephenson in his 1992 science fiction novel Snow Crash.

One of the more popular headsets for entering the Metaverse today was surprisingly designed by the same people that brought us Facebook: The Oculus Meta Quest 2. The pricing runs about the same as the average gaming console, at $300.

Expansion of the Gamer’s World

Gamers are already used to having virtual worlds and communities with the introduction of MMORPGs.

A massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) is a video game that combines aspects of a role-playing video game and a massively multiplayer online game.

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They are already used to creating fantasy characters or avatars, building and creating a separate life, in a virtual world that they sometimes use as a way to escape from reality. Gamers are used to shelling out thousands of dollars on virtual houses, outfits, and equipment. And now that the average gamer is starting to become more adults rather than just children, quite a bit of adult content is expected to be provided to cater to their needs.

It just sucks that we aren’t quite yet settled on a singular device that we will be using to access the Metaverse just yet, so expect there to be many exclusive variations of it just like there are cell phones until someone powerhouses the market like Apple or Microsoft did computers. Like Google did as a Search Engine.

Gamers will have the potential to gain even more features to play with as the sensors increase. Let’s just hope they find a reason to maintain a normal work and social life outside the tv screens. In which this way, we might see a decrease in the price and value of television screens as we begin to favor the smaller and more compact virtual reality screens.

Just imagine what it would be like to go to the Movie Theatre in virtual reality. Or killing monsters as your favorite anime character. We are so close, yet still so far away as I would imagine this will take several years to code and develop. We are still waiting to see Apple and Google’s response to the Virtual Reality trend. As I would imagine compatibility with our phones and daily notifications would be a highly desired functionality.

Just like in the real world there is virtual real estate, called luminal spaces. You have to pay rent or purchase these spaces with cryptocurrency. This reminds me of the virtual reality game space that was introduced back on Sony’s Playstation 3, called Playstation Home. In this space, gamers were able to go shopping, attend events, and meet other gamers. They had “homes” you could purchase to decorate with interactive items and invite friends over to chat, listen to music, and party. There was quite a bit of advertising in the mix, so I’m sure this is an exciting real estate for tech companies to take advantage of, let’s call it game advertising.

Increase in Fitness and Health Knowledge

Wouldn’t you like to know that this will potentially fulfill the missing gaps in the healthcare industry as we see more health products being introduced in the mix as well? We could see smart device sensors such as heart rate monitors being included in future VR gear. Not only can we track healthcare a little more often, but people can combine their fitness workouts in the virtual reality mode as well. There are already people going to the gym with their virtual reality gear, so adding compatibility to gym equipment isn’t too far off either. And since the coronavirus, many healthcare providers have included virtual doctor’s appointments, imagine if those were expanded to be included on the Oculus. People would have their healthcare needs met from their home, or wherever they choose to travel.

There are already sports that can be played with the VR gear, such as Basketball or Golf. Why not introduce a few more? Can you imagine going to watch a football game but it’s played entirely with VR gear? There would be no way to distinguish if that is the person or not with all the character and avatar customization. With the high-definition technology we have, we should be able to design exclusive character models that look like the intended sports player in real life. Would anyone pay for this service? Would the prices be the same? I know that this would change the sports industry for good and everyone can enjoy front-row seats.

A More Immersive Educational Platform

Just like the healthcare industry can take advantage of this platform, so can the online education community. Imagine going to college on a virtual reality screen. That would be amazing right? The same can be said for online tutoring. They can design the virtual reality space to look somewhat like a home or somewhat like a classroom, whatever helps get the user focused on learning with the instructor. There could be notifications that pop up on the headset that notify the user when it is time for their scheduled event, whether that be a tutoring session or a classroom session.

There is always the option to add a virtual computer screen for surfing the web just in case colleges and universities are slow to adopt this change, just for compatibility. Who would be the first to earn a degree online in this virtual reality space?

Another Reason For People to Practice Social Distancing

Just because the Corona Virus is over doesn’t mean social distancing has to be. The healthcare industry has found this to be the safest way to prevent the exchange of diseases among one another. This means we could potentially have a much healthier society, extending the lives of the human race entirely.

Not only can we prevent diseases this way, but we can prevent the likelihood of riots or negative social interactions that stem from frequent human contact. You are not as likely to get caught in a massive shooting if you’re just enjoying the world from your home. Imagine seeing the world filmed in the first person, up close, without actually having to physically be somewhere in person. We could have our go pros on the remote control and travel in the sky or visit the animals in the wild at a safe distance.

The Reintroduction to Online Dating

As with any other type of online game interacting with other humans comes with online dating. You don’t get to see what the person looks like in real life though, but many people still do it. They fall in love with the personality of the person. Playing video games together could be the future’s form of going out on a date.

There could be a matchmaking game to pair you up based on machine learning and common social trends that you have with another person.

A Fun Way to Network and Fulfill Our Social Needs

Let’s face it, we are all social creatures. We benefit and live longer when we have friends to enjoy our lives with. And the met averse is a safe place to interact with individuals that are different than us, without a bullying situation happening.

Imagine playing the Sims in the first person, actually living in the home amongst your non-playable characters and interacting with them. I bet it would probably take some time to code in all those animations but we could make it work. Hopefully, no one gets dizzy or has a seizure. Six Flags in California, they have already implemented a virtual reality roller coaster, so it immerses you into a storyline adventure. We could see more of these developed in the future.

A Brand New Place of Work

If we are going to make this a real thing that works, increasing our usage of interacting with one another virtually, then we are going to need to have virtual jobs to pay the bills too. I expect there to be an introduction of jobs just like there are in the gaming industry. I just don’t know how legal it would be to pay someone in cryptocurrency. That would be weird. Would we all get paid the same rate regardless of where we live, and finally close the gap on fair wages?

I would imagine the Science community and healthcare industry would love to have this technology at their disposal. They could perform online meetings through virtual reality. Just like in education they can utilize screen-sharing to present their keynotes. We can customize an item inside the virtual space and then send it off to be 3D printed in the real world.

A Source of Data for Artificial Intelligence and Metaverse

As I’m sure, like everything that touches the internet now in days, a lot of data and activity about how we interact with one another gets tracked and goes into the expansion of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

We could learn a lot more accurate data about human behaviors this way. They were already working on learning human thought in Neuroscience by connecting electrodes to the brain and monitoring the activity. If the ethics part of that experiment pans out, we could connect those same electrodes to our VR gear and control the virtual reality space with just our thoughts. An experiment like this would take many years to come to fruition though.

A Great Place to Earn and Spend our Cryptocurrency

I can already see it now, billions of bitcoin being exchanged on this virtual platform amongst both businesses, and person to person. People will be running and managing businesses within this space. And with it being online, the clientele would be extremely massive. Could this finally be a solution to ending greed and all wars? People can generate as much money as they want and have fun doing it. Having everything in a virtual format takes a break from global warming pressures and our fast consumption of natural resources.

A Safe Place To Keep Our Brains Active

We could keep ourselves safe inside the virtual realm and go on a virtual killing spree if we wanted and it won’t affect other people in real life. We could have virtual pet dragons and make petting them feel realistic with VR touch sensors. The imagination is endless, which is good for expanding the human brain. I’m most excited about live streaming with our cameras connected to the metaverse to make it feel like you are there.

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