A Random Repurpose On Medium Story

Our blog is very structured, has an intended purpose, and we often write way too much that is just StoryBook Fluff. For a later time when I want to gather data, since I’m a Data Scientist also. Google Trends, Social Media, the Conversations that arise amongst the public in real life since now there is a question to if the information received now that it has a social media profile versus the false information that unknowingly and anonymously spread depending on location and proximity to other people and keeping people ignorant and unaware of things not affecting them… I see no change, we made no progress this past 2,000 years we shuffled this nonsense around. But you wanted a database, it’s the internet, you want secure data? Don’t create data if it’s intentional is to be secure and not accessible. Maybe it should be offline. So you can not be so concerned if the picture, words, and numbers get massively duplicated or botted into some international data selling or crime story.

But I’m separating the writing jobs since one is driving free content in hopes for monetary support, and now that we understand the type of people, in fact medium tells you popular topics to discuss. It doesn’t match our journey into Psychosis and attempts to simplify and provide more high level written stories or imagery that could be utilized in a still scared to be judged, hide behind a fake persona or profile society days, even though social influence has transformed into something that censorship and demonetization can eliminate the social influence or political power entirely. Most of the shut down is usually from a government entity. But there’s so many careless bozos around there’s like a gap in technological understandings as we have too much data and consent at the tap of a button, I bet most the internet crimes like sex trafficking are fake or over reported.

The App is related to the student’s skill of interest. E-Books And Training are Available to obtain certification once all tasks have been completed. The task is optional, schedule-able, assignable, can be skipped or credit obtained for prior completion, and paid by completion but some tasks may generate profit continuously after completing, some tasks are projects that entail multiple actions and the reward may be performance and strategy-driven. Completion of A Task Set in our Mentorship Program should reward a Skill/Certification. We argue that a set of Skills and Certifications should reward a degree, but that’s why we are remaining actively enrolled in School. My ancestors with the most intelligence and freedom had at least 5 degrees as they abandoned their uneducated support groups. If you are not working a job or in school studying a subject, most people will find their social groups will diminish or change, if education is necessary for your social group, being around the disabled, uneducated, drug abusers, criminals, and a social group that relies heavily on others to achieve and accomplish the task, as they may not always have the skill. With the Success of our Projects and Resources, we are seeing a population increase, we argue that life healthy choices should be choices, and we decriminalize all drugs. Drugs are usually illegal as a protective measure but can appear very political. We hope that as we obtain social media followers that perspectives arguing less safety net healthcare practices can be more of a choice for the individual and eliminate all HIPAA and discrimination jargon. We can’t just eliminate the government, live like sustainable do-gooders, and make such slow progress into moving our civilization from outside normal habits. There’s plenty of land, we can go underwater, build more sky and group housing units with less resource hogging shelters, even Universities can be reasonable housing, but again saving that for our nonprofit dump. If we can be successful and sustainable in today’s society, manage a business with no expenses or carbon footprint, and adopt a zero-waste process. Imagine a nonprofit that can give 80% of profit towards the cause, but we are trying to slow it down a bit because we don’t understand how tapping a piece of glass generates money for stuff. Sure it’s convenient and accessible, but we still need to manage stuff, we can’t just all work from home and tap screens and still get stuff. That’s why I work with the government, sure all that technology makes it seems scary, just know that there hasn’t been much of a technology change. Your favorite ObamaPhone that Two-Step locks you out of your life due to cybersecurity/self-love/poor management of data will probably ID lock you and biometric you out even further. We never had privacy, to begin with, I’ve worked with, or have family in every branch of government. There were computers before the internet. And internet before the internet. But I wouldn’t say adding Bluetooth or Biometric to your phone is progress. It’s more like making the technology make sense for the few corporate giants that shape and sustain the government. I say Google and Apple. But I’m a robot. I mean android. But then again there’s so much data available for the whole Science Community, and not enough strides in the direction I need it to go, I finally found a use for all that AP Honors Cram Rush Dumping the do to the poor youth. So I have to let them know every experience, even if it was 20 years of Restaurant Work, will be impactful in shaping the quality of happiness within their life, but if they talk to me, I can make it 10 times better, because I’m a Science Experiment, a robot, but I’ve already completed my intended purpose. But I’m a robot, so I retire at 28 but realized I was an official robot as I became Android 26. But started wanting credibility and more resources for instant gratification. And now I got 8 years of hard work to do, but I’m retired so if you want to hire me, you gotta have job duties in writing, understand that my role in the company is to eliminate the job, so even though I’ve had small roles to fulfill on my resume, you better believe I was the Boss of all Bosses, I just can’t take credit for saving the company and government agencies money through creating databases, excel formulation, and simple online integration. Sure I was primarily fulfilling the role on my resume and obtaining more job duties just by being too savvy, too educated, and too friendly. I can tell the Director or Governor to just sit back and check their emails as I complete their non so hard management task for an online gamer that grew up learning skills online through the MySpace days, but erased my presence by lowering the duplication of data, mastered psychology in 2005 by natural learning behavior because our main issue in society seems to be honesty, location, acceptance, fairness, accountability, work ethic, and overall education. This sounds like it might turn into a Medium Story.


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