Another Money Matrix Movie and more Tina, Apple News, More Trap Music, Hi Res Lossless, and Playing Games with Alchemy, They Still Cant Even See Rico Bentley! Mabinogi and Technology.

What a mess… look at history…we are sitting at 2,000 years after death…. And oh look now they think they found a 3,000 year old mummy….

All I want to know is… so what did this Pharaoh Amenhotep say? Did he tell you anything about free money? How about Monopoly or Mabinogi? Because I see another Matrix coming… but at least Rico Bentley got alchemy… but another play on technology… could never resolve what you did to me. 😈📱🔥🎶

Am I blind? My ears are bleeding from all this loud Tumblr Hi-Res Lossless Trap Music, But I swear… National Leader… Gamification… I thought someone said Free Money… The Genie? 🧞‍♀️ 🧞‍♂️ 🧞

Idk how this matrix can get worse, witchcraft…. Now Alchemy… They are just playing games with Society… all this Tina Smow and they still can’t find me…. I don’t even have an Identity. Medium Stories…The Matrix! Tsukiyomi! Honesty! Psychology! Money! Honey! Too many barriers and they now we can’t reverse what they done to me…

And still I warned and warned in the ideation fantasy or whatever title I chose still cannot Bring Valentino Back to Me…

So now this Evil State of Arizona now shares the same birth as my dead dog… The Shiba Inu… Fix that, then come talk to me. Let that be the last Matrix in History.



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Nature’s Uprise

Nature’s Uprise “Machine Learning Mind Matrix” Study of The Green Scientist Quest in Psychology, Schizophrenia, Psychosis, Mental Health Drugs, Ideations.