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3 min readFeb 4, 2022


Blog Customer Engagement Through Medium Realism

I know that people are reading my blog post, I just don’t know how to engage with them or talk to them.

I know my website collects their email addresses which I never send out emails so the ones they receive are automatically sent to notify of a new blog post.

I have noticed when I post my crazy stories on medium I get a little bit of engagement such as highlighted text, which is some form of communication to me.

I have offered and made it so overly apparent what my social media pages are, but I want to speak to my audience directly.

What can I do about this?

Is this another crazy medium story?

I noticed my marketed ads are coming in hot as companies are watching and predicting my every move with machine learning and all their robotics software of harassment.

See that’s why no one feels like they have privacy.

And what’s up with this backwards cyber security? Two step lockout?

I’m tired of doing the funky two step as changing my number or getting behind on the phone bill locks you out of your bank accounts and your Amazon account.

And what is it that they are protecting? Data leaks and security hacks still occur.

Ok I’m doing the funky two step, let’s get back to this issue at hand…. How the hell do I get direct contact with my customers of my blog? I want to know what their interest are? What they want to read next? What I should blog about?

I tried to open the door for Etsy and EBay sellers but that also means proactively messaging them which I don’t Have time to do so I don’t Think they will ever see my partnership opportunity.

I got twitter and no one to talk to, about blogging, and I have Facebook groups with no engagement. I know I have to grow them both to monetize my social media.

No one seems interested in purchasing my natural premium outfits, I even went as far as to make some for the lgbt community but all they want is sex. Let’s be real. Not inclusive enough to diversify the business clientele.

And talking to people on Quora or Reddit about this seems wrong. On so many levels. Maybe I should expand my Reddit. Maybe my content is not what they are looking for. Someone leave a comment.



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