Death From Depression Or Lack of Communication

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7 min readMar 30, 2022


They say that communicating and working together is what makes a creature intelligent. I believe that to be somewhat true, but what happens when a person doesn't communicate well, will they just suffer from depression?

In my next podcast, I will be talking about this topic in quite a detail as it popped up for one of my Uprising Discussion topics. Thinking about it now, I have come to realize that almost everyone suffers from depression at some point in their life, but to just die from it, is that too much of a stretch? Can a person literally just die from being too depressed.

I know when I used to get depressed, I would often lose my will to get out of bed, I won't eat. Then that's when the drug use starts to increase. But aren't all drug users depressed? Doing drugs because they suffer from some type of trauma in their life? Even mildly put, I would consider smoking cigarettes to be a form of it, let alone the addiction part. Some people do drugs just to party and have fun, but at some point when it begins to affect their lives to where they become homeless and they are still feining for the drug, I would consider that to also be a form of depression.

So what about all these diagnoses. The mental illnesses that the doctors label on their patients. They barely know the person and after a brief conversation all of a sudden they have a schizophrenic or bipolar disorder and are put on drugs. They don't ever get their voices heard completely so the medicine ends up not working and before they realize it the condition gets worse.

Are people really just careless or do we actually care for others like we say that we do? I know that we can only do so much and it sucks to have to see someone down in the dumps, but other people get so annoyed with the person they push them away and don't want to be bothered. Like please don't kill my vibe. Why can't we all have attitudes like that? Or is that a meaningful way to go about your life?

People say that money is the cause, well I say that it is fear. People have millions of dollars and can still trample on people, but to be honest those people barely even notice the poor. They are so high up in their lifestyle that some of them barely leave more than 5 miles of their home. I don't know about you guys but ever since Covid hit I have been seeing more and more homeless people every day. Ew grosses a homeless person, I used to think when I was younger. They are always dirty, smelly, and look like a common criminal. So we label them which makes it harder for them to rise above their condition.

I notice that a lot of it stems from other health issues or from relationships gone bad. A bad breakup seems to really do a person in. One minute they think they are in love, and the next they are stabbed in the heart. And the next is domestic violence. And so we punish them for getting a domestic violence charge by taking away their housing privileges. Well, no housing means no job right? How are you going to shower every day? Change your clothes? You cant carry around an expensive Louie Vouton while you are on the streets, people are going to rob you. People are just mean like that. They do mess up things to other people without caring how it affects them and there is never an apology to come with it.

I guess that is just the way the world works, some people are dealing with trauma one way, and some people are dealing with it in the other. It's like how come we can all just get along. By 2022 there are more than enough resources to go around. Why do people have to steal? Are they really just feigning for that next drug hit. And then once they start going over to the hard drugs, they get so miserable but can't get out of the situation. And to some others, just don't want to be judged, they see nothing wrong with their choices and could care less if they live or die. That is indeed Depression.

And sometimes it goes so unnoticed by their loved ones that by the time they get that phone call and identify the body it's too late. Then more pain settles in, breaking apart family dynamics, then sometimes the blame game. But one thing is for certain, they identified the person was using a substance and so it must be that drug users and homeless people are just bad people. But I say not. I became homeless after a divorce and went through a depression and quit my job. What if the money never stopped, I would not be homeless. And during my short time in homelessness, I have to say it's not that bad. It cured my depression and I was able to overcome it and become a much stronger person it. You just gotta let go of the past and look at yourself every day with a conceited attitude and say that I’m so great, nothing can touch me. Not saying to take it way far and start beating up on other people and going into manic episodes, but just enough confidence that if you can survive without money, you can survive and have a much better lifestyle. But I know for some it's hard. And some people need more help than others. But as a psychologist I and all the homeless people that I’ve spoken too, they have all come across to me like normal people. No judgment there. But yes the drugs are bad, especially when they start hearing voices and seeing things that aren't real. But this could all be avoided with honest and good communication. I have healed many of them with just my friendliness towards them and it didn't take much. I guess I have that effect on people. But I will say there is a common trend of laziness among people that are just unwilling to do the hard work, such as getting a job. They just want to live for free and have someone taking care of them. I say that was bad parenting on that end. A lot of homeless teenagers. Where are the parents? Why are people having so many kids and not taking care of them? Why are there so many kids in foster homes? Why are there so many women getting rapped and still having the baby even though they don't want it? It's that sex thing, isn't it? That is the problem. People are just out fucking all the time. Getting mansions and a yacht just so that they can get the pretty girl and just have sex. That's why we have a population issue and all these homeless people outside. I know someone has seen them. Sitting outside in Denver, Colorado just camping out in tents instead of paying for housing. Is the man really that strict? They take away our privileges from housing and then increase the prices so high that it has resorted to this? It doesn't bother me, but I wonder how real estate is going with all these empty abandoned houses in Kansas City, looking like the homeless people are just rigging the doors and picking a house of their liking. But oh boy do they have some nice huge houses there. All abandoned. But still, there are people outside, freezing to death in the cold. That's why I chose Arizona, because at least if I have to be outside I won't freeze to death. But I’m too handsome for that, someone will uber me a ride and let me crash at their place just because I am cool people to have in the company. But not everyone has those privileges. There should be a free housing reform, and not this section 8 voodoo that people have to play the game just to get into. We have enough houses in the USA for everyone to have a home and to sleep in. But not too much sleep, that would be depression. Then too much eating. I forgot to mention that nondrug users have a tendency to overeat. Just need something to fill that gap. But I promise if we weren't so emotional we would be living like Orcas. They are smart social animals too, even grandma could be living amongst the pack. Maybe we just have a problem with our mental health. What are you doing to stop the cycle? Just focusing on yourself and working a job? It broke my heart to see that McDonald stepped in at allowed the homeless to sleep inside their restaurants, gave them jobs, and even started accepting food stamps. And you know McDonald's has money, they are international, transactions every second, on every corner you can find one.

So what is the cause of death by depression? The fear of being judged or not getting their voice heard. But sometimes you just gotta suck it up and take it day by day. No need for suicidal thoughts. Sometimes therapy could be a better option than going to a doctor. And before you know it you'll be right back on your feet, but you have to try to do something different. You can't just stay stuck in your routine if you see that you are in a cycle and nothing has been changing. It's hard to know what the next move will be, but you gotta keep trying different things, experiment a little bit, get your hair done, and you'll be feeling much better. Stay tuned for my next podcast episode where I will be talking about ways to overcome depression. Because it is a real thing, and it can be hard to detect sometimes, but if we stay focused on staying on a good path things will eventually work out. Nothing stays bad forever. Things are just temporary. You will find a new boyfriend or lover :)



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