Describe a positive thing a family member has done for you.

Daily Writing Prompt 04/18/23

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5 min readApr 19, 2023
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Oh boy! I really don’t like this prompt. I have no idea on how exactly I want to address this. Apart of me wants to be sarcastic and be like:

“What family? They never did anything for me. I raised myself. And first of all, I was adopted"

And then another part of me wants to be grateful and appreciative:

“They invested a lot of resources and money into me, although we could have bonded more than we did, they tried the best they could with the barriers they had in their life"

But in reality my family has done a lot for me. Realistically they don’t owe me anything just because we are related, but if I ever decided to step off my throne and let them in my world and needed their help for something, they would be more likely to go out their way to assist compared to other members of the family.

My family wasn’t perfect, but compared to some of the things I witness in other people’s families in current times, I am extremely blessed to be born.

So anyways… you know how I like to go off on a tangent. And I know you guys really don’t care and hate to read anything more than a sentence. Or at all for that matter. I guess I’m not that interesting. Well I am… but it requires details. A snip of me just makes me look crazy. My writing is easily taken out of context if you don’t know my personality and the way I talk.

I wonder if anyone else has a simple answer to this prompt. Okay so what positive thing did they do for me? A whole lot. And I’m just one of those people that is thankful and appreciative of everything anyone does for me.

People are naturally selfish, so for a person to do something for someone other than themselves is a big deal. Even bigger if they sacrifice the quality of life in order to do for someone else. No one could ever say that I was ungrateful about anything. Even if the thing they did had no impact or was unnoticed. It’s still within me to thank them for the thought and the effort.

So I’m happy with just my birth. I have really good health and genetics. I have a lot of energy, apparently I’m attractive, and I have a fast metabolism. I’m physically fit and have a ridiculous amount of stamina. My body and brain automatically adjust to different environmental changes more rapidly than others. My great grandpa live until his 100s, so more than likely I will exceed that. So long as I don’t get murdered or destroyed by a natural disaster. I already feel like I’ve lived a long enough and fulfilling life, so I’m not really looking forward to spending that much time with you guys.

Humans are crazy. I get exhausted dealing with their weird personality traits and ways of thinking. That’s another reason why I like to be a loner or home body, and no one ever sees or hears from me. And when I do spend time with people I expect them to be appreciative of that, because there’s a whole lot of other people I could be spending my time with, and they really don’t have to worry about me, because I’m not on what everyone else is on… I don’t lie, steal, fight, or any weird or jealous/mean behaviors.

I guess it is a little weird to thank someone for their birth. So I guess the most positive thing they did for me was provide me with access to their money and resources. I know a lot of people grow up in extreme poverty so they usually can’t relate to some of the experiences that I have had.

But just because I grew up with money, doesn’t mean I don’t understand the poverty life.

I mostly raised myself and I really didn’t have much control over what they wanted to provide or spend money on. And most of the money spent has been connected to an essential need, education, technology, or a bill.

That’s why I spent my entire childhood trying to figure out how money works and methods for obtaining it. And so being a paper boy at age 12 was complete garbage and unrealistic. So I wasn’t able to obtain my first formal job until I turned 16, and even then I had to really prove myself and stand out to obtain it.

Most businesses don’t want to take the risk, unless it’s like family owned (but you might not be getting paid) , and so you can’t really expect to officially start working until you turn 18. At least in the United States.

And so with our mission and goals that will probably change in the near future. In 2023, children are starting kindergarten off with a cell phone. So they will at some point stumble upon my content. And then more young people will be entrepreneurs and learning to be Sustainable, decreasing their need for money.

Oh will they be so mad when we eliminate money entirely. I always wondered why a human created item/concept could stand in the way of us achieving tasks that are crucial/necessary for our survival as both individuals and as a species.

I want to see a much stronger attempt at converting salt water from the ocean into drinking water. Instead of… mindlessly…to draining and contaminating the water from the limited freshwater ecosystems we have now. All I keep hearing is that it’s too expensive.

But apparently there’s a huge risk with collecting rain water, which I’m sure a lot of water companies still do to increase their sustainability. Obtaining something for free, and then selling it…. I see that business model all the time. Let’s charge them for air! Or how about the electricity generated from electricity companies are obtained through green technology methods, basically free, but look how greedy they are on they are on their billing.

Yet when a natural disaster occurs we are still relying on McDonald’s to step in and support the cause with their money. Because you know… they make millions every second… they have one on every street… almost every country… and issue out meals at each restaurant almost every 3 minutes. So everyone better have respect for McDonald’s. Everyone knows what McDonald’s is. There’s not very many companies that is as well known as they are.

But anyways, I think I addressed this prompt thoroughly enough. And again the purpose of me doing this is to not only improve my writing, but fir you to get to know me as well. And so if you’d like to see the writing prompts for yourself, you can see it on our website



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