I hate when people ask me the question, what is your business? Or tell me about yourself?

I just can’t find the best way to answer. As a conversation I know the answer is too long to keep people’s attention and if I talk too much then people are confused or lose interest. So my strategy is too make it simple and short, two or three general sentences, because most of the time when the question is asked, it’s asked to cut me off or sometimes it feels like the person is being rude. But when it’s too short, it doesn’t fully explain everything and then it feels like maybe they are like scoffing at me like maybe I’m just telling a fib, but then thing is, I really do everything. Sometimes explaining that, especially about business to a non business owner can feel so disrespectful to me especially when after the simple answer, initiated me to go into further detail and like a normal conversation, they show me a lack of education or interest and I have to repeat myself.

When I have these discussions with professionals it can feel like something that makes me proud, but if we are just going out to the club, idk what these people want to hear because I don’t want to get in that mode because I have a lot of education, skills, and experience that are really difficult to come by. Especially when your average understanding of work is customer service, restaurant, manual laborer, or any entry level position. Those are great jobs to have, but can be very limiting to a person’s vision and understanding of what goes on behind the scenes or at different levels within a business. So a conversation with someone who has management experience or small business will understand that when I laugh and say I do everything… I won’t have to say that I am the owner, the sales person, the maintenance person, the web designer, developer, marketing person, hr manager, customer relations, technical support, trainer, finance consultant, and the many hats that go into a business until you have stacked employees to fulfill the role, especially in regards to online business, wont think it’s just so I relatable.

Many times when I did entry level jobs, I had no idea how the organizational structure worked, if your just doing customer service, that’s all you know, that job role. But when you start climbing up, then you get to see that there are reasons for those metrics that were given. Obviously you want positive reviews for the company, but they wouldn’t know about partnership deals, possible lawsuits, government agency rules, grant terms, or even data from common trends, or that selling one product to the customer over the other can save company from incurring certain expenses.

Even just explaining on a job level, which in today’s age, if a company were to ask me that I would be insulted they didn’t research beforehand, but then again they hire people based on the keywords and format of the resume… so I would focus on my educational and experience related to the job role, if they clearly explained it. But I wish I could just tell them to call the previous employers because every job I work, is nothing compared to being an Honors AP student taking calculus in middle school, doing every sport, plus extra curricular projects and activities like Global Warming, History Day La, Mideaval times, Upward Bound, CLep test, Junior college classes concurrently in high school, plus working, plus tutoring adults and providing free software services for their websites and small business owners. Even College at Arizona State University was easier than that. I went to charter, magnet, and private schools because my parents had fear I would not get the education to get out the system of joblessness. So when I work a regular job, I’m coming in hot already, because most often people are looking at me like I’m crazy because I work too hard and they don’t think that’s smart because the pay doesn’t change. But I don’t work for the pay. Most of the time I’m not even thinking about the money. And I can’t Just sit around finding ways to milk the clock. I have to come in hot, full force, working the best that I can, plus more often than not being the managers blessing because I pretty much do their jobs too.

It’s a part of being an overachiever I guess. That’s why I went for engineering studies. And I’ve always been a leader. It makes a big difference in your happiness at work. It saves the company money. But that’s why I’m glad I was able to go the business route because all that energy into someone else’s success can sometimes feel like a disappointment because when you own your own thing, your always giving back to yourself and your family. I just can’t go back now. Why would I go back to rules that don’t make sense after seeing the gap in understanding of law and just education amongst business owners to just being eliminated from the workforce for simply not fitting into the culture or because of a business complaint. You’d be surprised how many employers don’t even know who is working for the company and just follow other trends of other businesses when tragedy occurs. But I spend more time studying and learning than I do selling so maybe that’s why I’m not a multimillionaire but I feel happy that I can take my time, low risk, and can learn from so many other business owners because there’s just as many of them as there are hoodlums harassing me for sex or pictures on social media. At least now I can design bots to respond to them.

Can anyone relate? I mean this internet world took me off a tangent a little due to its complexity but at least I got to expand. Eventually though, I’m going to streamline it to were all my supporters will have the power and freedom to do and obtain what they want through simple education, creativity, and nature. No more master plots controlling generational wealth. No robots killing humans. Make the robots do the labor, software control and manage the money, and we can be free!!! Because changing my career after all the work I put in made me feel like all the pain I endured was all for nothing. But I cured myself from ongoing suicidal thoughts, and found a reason to at least go on, because I always wanted a business, I just thought I needed money first, that’s why I was instructed to be an engineer, but I’m glad I was wrong, and now have a new appreciation for going to school for business. Even though it’s mostly outdated for this internet game. But now my goal of having a child at 30 is more realistic. Because $40,000 a year was not even cutting it. My adoptive parent pulled $100,000 and we still didn’t live lavish like how I want my kid to. Now I got two years to setup shop, even if I’m my only supporter, because I always complete my special projects and missions. And they never end up being a waste of time, even if others see it as so. I’ve proved government agencies wrong in the past, but I’m just a Gamer, not smart, just creative. I could only dream to have worldwide peace, but I still gotta argue with my generation about perspectives and opinions so I’ll keep a slow roll. There’s so much to learn together. And I really want those VR headsets enhanced with physical sensations, like Sword Art Online or a new version of PlayStation Home. Who knows?




NaturesUprise.com “Machine Learning Mind Matrix” Study of The Green Scientist Quest in Psychology, Schizophrenia, Psychosis, Mental Health Drugs, Ideations.

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Nature’s Uprise

Nature’s Uprise

NaturesUprise.com “Machine Learning Mind Matrix” Study of The Green Scientist Quest in Psychology, Schizophrenia, Psychosis, Mental Health Drugs, Ideations.

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