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Money Grows on Trees

We heard you guys are interested in making money. When we posted our blog about making money with writing, we saw a huge impact on our blog’s interest. We saw a huge traffic increase and gained 300+ new followers to our blog directly. Here at Nature’s Uprise Money Grows on Trees, we will continue our money-making topics and discussions, and continue to prioritize releasing blog content based on trending topics and common google searches. We conduct quite a bit of research on topics, to provide a platform with the most accurate and inspiring information. Sometimes we could spend over 80 hours of research into a topic just to present it as a 5-minute read. Even after we post the information we might go back to a previous post and add more to it. Or separate into another blog post that’s more fitting or if the post runs a little long. Individuals that allow ads to be displayed, help generate revenue by accessing our site. Unfortunately, that method of profit is reaching its end now that many users utilize ad-blocking software. Members of our E-Learning Course receive ad-free content as apart of the benefits. Within our Patreon Platform we will be rolling out mini-financial goals, that once accomplished takes us to our next stages in company growth. We have limited information about finances on our funding page, but more detailed and transparent information will be available to our Patreon and E-Learning Course Members. For each member that joins our Patreon and creates a profile on our platform, a tree will be planted. As our team works on projects together and provides feedback on one another’s work, a tree is planted. We will have fun competitions regarding our tree growth contributions and share our certificates online. Sharing could lead to referrals, which leads to more tree growth. Members have access to a live calendar in which they can request free tutoring or training sessions held on Zoom. In an effort to remain flexible with the changes, we have tested and offer the most useful, compatible software to our Team of Creators. We utilize bots, integrations, and automations to make work process easier. Creators that have completed the onboarding process have the option to opt-in to being featured on our Team Page. Because we are SEO experts, we would prefer to lock down our ideas to supporters of our mission that trust our brand, as opposed to making it easily accessible to scammers, hackers, or anyone with access to Google that can copy and paste our business model. This also introduces a more hands on approach that our supporters can get more involved in and receive relevant additional premium content. If you have ideas on how you can support us feel free to contact us.

Connect with Our Diverse Community of Experts

We are not a non-profit so we won’t be able to provide you with a tax-deductible paper, which is the primary driver for individuals providing donations. Depending on your tax situation you may be able to claim the donation as an itemized deduction rather than a charitable contribution. We recommend reviewing information with the IRS. You can contact HR Block for free tax advice. Most of the information available about plant growth is common knowledge, that plants pretty much grow on their own. Feel free to join our experts in the conversation within our online chat community. You can also book a consultation in our services menu to be paired up with a Nature Expert that can address your concern or interest. Feel free to join one of our communities or stop by our live chat if you ever have questions or just want to say hello. By staying in touch with our communities we can stay current on all information about Nature and Technology. We support everyone of all backgrounds. If you follow us on social media you will find posts often of us supporting other community initiatives and action plans. We respond quickly. We will even get back to you the same day. Feel free to tag us, like our content, or comment as the feedback and interaction helps us improve the quality of our brand. The majority of our customers are located in the United States, Australia, and Canada.

Optimal Conditions for Plant Growth

A lot of plant growth, in reality, is monitored and requires human intervention in order to continue to meet yield expectations. There are very few Natural Parks or Forest that exist today. Someone who is simply trying to maintain a garden or an entire agricultural corporation trying to feed several countries. It’s scary how some plants appear to pop up out of thin air and start growing. Many landowners are plagued with the task or costs of landscaping and yard maintenance. When plants are in their optimal living conditions, they could end up turning into an entire forest/plague taking over other plants. Which essentially steal resources from the less dominant plants, contributing to a mass die-off. At Nature’s Uprise, the plants are not Uprising because they are taking over the planet. They are Uprising because they are happy their human friend finally showed an interest in them and wanted to showcase how cool they are. We couldn’t force you to this website, to this post, without you first starting with google or another website that led you here based on your interest. The cool part about it is that you can house some indoor plants that will do just about the same (as far as turning into a forest/plague if that’s what you are into). Some of our readers are probably rolling their eyes at that idea and probably have never experienced being able to get their indoor plant to grow at all. That’s where we come in, we can tell you what you are doing wrong, connect you with our experts, and show you how you can make a little profit and protect the environment at the same time. We offer low-cost services to connect you with a Nature Expert that can provide a consultation or advice regarding your gardening, landscaping, aquatic, aquaponic, and various hobbyist concerns. Products and Services can now be ordered and booked through both Instagram and Facebook Pages. Before purchasing a plant with us, our partners, or affiliates… We will not only show you how beautiful it is using the most current, state of the art, camera hardware but also tell you everything about its growth habits, abilities, care requirements, its commonly used practices, and subscribe to one of our Newsletter for more guides on how to make money with Nature, Science, and Technology.

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Neem Tree Oil — Natural Insect Repellant

SaveFive Ways to Use Neem Oil on Plants Dossier Blog

Have you heard about Neem Oil? It is a naturally occurring pesticide found in Neem Tree seeds. Neem Oil can also be found in toothpaste, cosmetics, soaps, and even pet shampoos. It can be utilized to reduce insect feedings and act as a repellent. It will kill insects and prevent their ability to feed. It is toxic to fish and other aquatic animals. It can also be very irritating to the skin. This oil introduces more natural ways to maintain our plants. Often times, increasing the nutrients in the soil can introduce unwanted inhabitants that will not only kill the plant but annoy people with their presence.

Utilizing our Blog as a Resource for all things Nature

Request Blog Content

I guess I haven’t spent enough time on the blog writing aspect of the business to completely inspire other blog writers to support the mission just yet. So we appreciate any interested Writers or Podcast Guest that contribute. So it’s been a while but I had an experiment on creating a fish tank that requires no maintenance. We discussed it in a previous blog post and several sections about our history. This experiment as well as future experiments with nature will be featured in our blog. I plan to refresh and revise some of my older blog posts, although you will only be notified about the new blog post, feel free to refresh your memory by searching through our blog. We encompassed many tags and categories to make finding content easier. We may also link you back to older content in our new blog post if they are related topics. We encourage you to share our content as a resource for others. We prioritize content based on analytics provided by Google and Social Media to get our popular content out first, then we look at our feedback and suggestions, then we look at our previous post and what we are missing as a maintenance habit. At Nature’s Uprise, we stock plants primarily for hobbyists so we are familiar with all of their unique traits (special powers) they have. So if you’re looking for a plant that grows fast, check out the plant’s section of our blog. We will be releasing a fully completed informational blog post with details on how you can earn or purchase the item and other items like it right away. As the plant grows, depending on what it is, most likely will start cloning itself or producing copies of itself. The growth rate is highly dependent on species, lighting conditions, access to nutrients, and hydration requirements which can be adjusted using techniques that we mention in our blog. Follow and subscribe to our blog as our newsletters typically go out the same time. I know that you guys are eagerly waiting for the plants and aquatic animals to become available, and they are coming very soon! If you follow our blog, within the next few months you’ll be slowly introduced to the catalog we plan to have available. I just wanted to make sure that I am offering a fully developed platform that we could all benefit from. So a lot of research has been conducted in that regard. Also, I have courses that I have been developing myself. I know a lot of you that are interested are coming with a ton of experience and are beyond the need for training and certification. Monetizing our blog is one of our financial goals, with the initial being to increase our subscription members. Reaching our subscriber’s goal not only lets us know that our platform is doing well, but that we have dedicated supporters and investors which would make it easier to gain more, but also gives us room to grow. We know that we are a mess in the beginning but we encourage our members to grow with us. Not to mention we still have to create marketing material, manage our online store, produce material for our blog, optimize our website as company software changes, developing bots, and utilizing software to cut back on time-consuming activities, and more the list goes on. I just have a strong desire to see the completion of the mission. As time progresses, a lot of software developers are offering streamlined processes for completing tasks and managing accounts.

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To not only support our fellow bloggers we have opened up an opportunity for bloggers to join Nature’s Uprise. Before joining Nature’s Uprise as a Guest Blogger, we recommend that you check out our Patreon, About Us, Podcasts, Programs, and Services to learn about our mission and vision. We have been working on releasing more of these details to our viewers of interest so check frequently for updates. Our goal is to complete our About Us section, align it with our Patreon, serving as our dynamic business plan or go-to place to learn about our brand and hopefully obtain inspiration. Once we are done laying down the framework we plan to seek additional funding, this funding will help us speed up our process and expedite our mission. When our mission is complete we should have an educational platform that can inspire students with science and technology- offering a jumpstart to boosting one’s career goals, resources, and/or enhancing their overall life. Blogging can be a career goal for some, there are numerous ways to earn compensation through writing. We want our bloggers to feel comfortable and to even take pride in being able to contribute to a company that gives back to the environment, educates its contacts, supports other’s goals and missions, and at least gain something out of experiencing our platform. We also recommend joining us as a guest on our Podcast so that we can get to know our supporters and have their voices heard. All Guest Bloggers are initiated through our Podcast as a friendly way of introducing yourself to our viewers. By joining one of our communities you may also have a chance to interact with one of them. I wanted to inform you guys about an interesting fundraising opportunity. Did you know that you can generate money for your school by simply reading?

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Plant Reproduction, Cuttings, and Chemical Filtration

One of the more efficient ways of reproducing a plant or increasing the growth rate is through cuttings. As you trim and cut a plant to maintain its growth or shape rather than tossing out those cuttings you can replant the cutting, duplicate the plant, increase its yield and growth rate. This doesn’t apply to all plants but for the majority the action of being cut or split releases off chemicals within the plant that tell it to grow. Plants take action based on the chemicals they produce, chemicals they absorb within the environment, the amount of energy available, and chemical signals of other nearby plants. For some, this could mean generating new leaves, for some this could mean new branches, new flowers, or an entirely new copy of itself. Plants that can reproduce through cuttings are the most versatile, tend to be the fastest-growing, and can have their reproduction chances increased or even guaranteed through special powders. There is a technique to how the plant should be cut to reproduce. For example, the Pothos plant should be cut with the nodes exposed on each cutting as the node contains the majority of the biological data for it to anchor roots. Cuttings that also root tend to be more valuable as some hobbyists struggle with such an easy step. The roots increase the nutrient intake allowing more resources to be available for growth and flowering. Plants that can reproduce at a faster rate are expected to also process and filter chemicals at a fast rate as well. Plants play an important role in the environment and they are often prized for their ability to filter nutrients out of the environment such as Nitrates from water and various air pollutants. Many hobbyists are seeking such plants. This is why we created an Environmentalist Membership Plan on our Patreon. This was to make it easier for individuals to support the environment and learn about it at the same time, but more hands-on. Members will be able to customize monthly packages of our plant catalog as well as receive exclusive and discounted services.

Composting and Secrets Within the Soil

And that is essentially how we became inspired to incorporate. We maintain our plants and instead of paying out of our pockets for getting rid of them, we decided to create a nursery and regrow them. Sure that’s a solution for our indoor plants, but we also have solutions for generating a profit from much bigger yard waste projects too. We go into topics such as composting, the secret that many yard waste companies don’t want you to know. It’s free money. And If you normally pay a subscription for someone to take your yard waste, you are essentially double-paying them and throwing money away. They are not only pocketing the money for accessing their services but they are also directly profiting from your yard waste by turning it into compost and reselling the by-product. This isn’t to say that these companies are criminals for doing this, as a lot of them provide a convenient and clean service that busy folks can benefit from.

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Save18 Charts To Help You Start Living More SustainablyBuzzFeedLearn the difference between biodegradable and compostable, because they aren’t quite the same thing. 18 Charts To Help You Start Living More Sustainably

The Ecosystem and Life on Earth

The plant growth rate is important for many hobbyists because it allows them to determine which plant is ideal for their needs. Or what plant they could use to achieve certain goals. Not only do plants produce oxygen, generate money for us, they also eliminate waste in a more environmentally friendly way. Many people that support the environment will create fears based on changes in the environment. We support environment-supporting initiatives but will be very light with our positioning as we may not always agree with their facts. Many people think that plants are the sole reason for us to have a breathable environment. While there is some factual data that plants produce oxygen. There is not enough data available about the rate at which it is produced, how much of the oxygen is produced solely by plants, and the number of oxygen plants needs to absorb. Remember, there’s oxygen in the ocean, and most of the ocean is so deep that light cannot possibly reach the bottom to sustain plant growth. A lot of the oxygen in the ocean is generated through bacteria. So when it is said that the killing off of our beloved pollinator, the Honey Bee, marks the end of our ability to produce crops, and our life on earth, we have the second thoughts. Just know that the Earth is very old, and its inhabitants have been growing with the changes. Evolution is very dynamic that way. Here at Nature’s Uprise, we will be discussing the checks and balances of our ecosystem. You can utilize this information to enhance your daily life. Once you have your ideal plant picked out and you’ve read our blog about its features. You can join one of our programs on eliminating cuttings for a profit. Or you can create online market accounts featured in our newsletter or Pinterest guides in which you can begin your career as an online seller. Feel free to utilize our services for tips and advice on marketing and seller tips. We guarantee your first customer or your money back! You don’t have to spend money to make money in this case. Once you purchase a fast-growing plant with us, we will guide you on how to make a profit from maintaining it. Selling the cuttings of the plant is just one way. Stay tuned for more information and more opportunities. So there goes your free advice for today. If you want to find out more specific plant information right away you can check out our Pinterest. Join one of our communities to offer suggestions and connect with others. Have a question you want to be answered right away? Check out the services we have available in regards to obtaining all things Nature.

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