The Clubhouse Destruction and Inclusion of Air

Clubhouse App, it started off as a great space to listen to discussion around professional and business ideas. Probably the first open discussion that mostly wasted your time but maybe someone will speak and provide clear feedback. But I liked the idea. But you guys don’t talk.

I was going to talk to you guys because I know you can’t read. I said it over and over. And I still get the same result. Too many words. So I read it to you and you don’t listen. If you want pictures and to talk endlessly to a bot, never have an opinion, we can do that, and I can work without losing time getting no where with you. You don’t even look at my website. So now I gotta show it, but you can look yourself. Now, how do you want me to display inclusiveness. Honestly I’m respecting all religions, but this is not a discussion, be sacred, in your sacred place. If you would like to write something nice about it, or educate, or your benefit then feel free, but please, do not discuss it. When you start suggesting, forcing, soliciting, you gotta go. And that lady that comes to my door might get shot. I feel a threat if someone is forcing something on me. I got my ideas, I got my woosah, the world hasn’t exploded yet, but you guys are too busy having the best sex lives to care about anything apparently.

So I change my statement on trying to be helpful for the Black community, because all they did was X me out, I still hear that F word because I’m too light skin. But I don’t get darker I just burn, shed, turn red, and take zofran, and now I burn forever. Because I like the heat. But Jesus likes the cold. So apparently we are opposite but a force together. If he’s using that name. I gotta keep changing mine too. They are getting so desperate just to harass me, but I’m not Jesus, I just Kill all threats. Or plan to, or prepare, or keep a endless path of refining and getting stronger. Because apparently dying is the hardest part. So now that 25 years of death attempts just to wake up or get an IV became more like a permanent path to disability, because I don’t think getting hit by a car, and running off is a person you want to harass. All that fire, burning endlessly, turn on the heater, turn on that evil music, that rap stuff, that boss energy that you know that anime show is about to get serious. And lets hope he gets tired after 16 hours because apparently you just go numb and then keep going, but when you stop. That’s when the numb pain kicks in. But we recover fast. Just drink water, more food, more weed. And if you touch me… joke around because I’m not tolerating that either, my body will react to fast for me to process, so hopefully you are more agile, can knock me out, because I got stamina, and sometimes I can’t feel pain. You guys have me the pain that will never go away, I can’t address it, I can’t heal, so I gotta burry it, always be nice and look at other perspectives. But don’t bring that energy hear too, just looking at me could get me to go check you just in case I got the temperature wrong. And I hate this about myself, but I love to fight, I never loss, and I don’t think very many can relay the experience because nothing makes sense. So try to jump me again, I’ll display that two felonies in one day, won’t save that punk that tried to be strong in numbers because he was so desperate for more he just went to the hospital and claimed HIV, well obviously now I see the problem, he’s sleeping with men, and he doesn’t want to tell his girlfriend, but that is not how common sense works, you don’t just obtain an STD from the air. Or accidentally falling? They say? But hopefully he’s not in the directory because he’s getting another one, without cuffs, if he is still there. Because I will endlessly keep going, until I hopefully get bored, or just die, but why would you want to kill something that could be your best friend, your only friend because no one is real, they are all liars, and fakes, so I forever have no support, because no one will ever do that. So I do it all myself, you guys are too slow to compete anyways. But if you keep giving me work to endlessly produce, I lose money when I learn, but I love learning, I like learning more than teaching. So what culture are you? I’m interested in your ideas and creativity. Being American but not American is like being fake and taking from people and never addressing your China Debt. But claiming that we need to have cops generate more debt. So we can, eliminate the workforce? Because if we eliminate the workers because now we gotta earn stuff without money, which wasn’t hard at all, but now how do you get to lay in bed, ring your bell, and not see Freddy? Because he might keep you company when there’s no more agriculture because you pissed everyone off, so now they are sustaining their households, and generating wealth with robots. So does that mean Slave master has to get a job now? I wonder if they can be sustainable if they don’t season those Grapes? Do you have time to enjoy food? Who’s cutting the cow? And stop sleeping with the animals because your wife is giving everyone gonoreah because I never had to spell that word. I never get STDs. But I don’t fall into the fantasy and the trap, that was my game.

So now, the hoodlums keep endlessly inviting me to chats, but time is money so I gotta generate wealth or obtain info for expanding. But all I hear are animal noises and what they can do with their twats. I knew prostitutes enjoyed their work. Because why would you do that when the mean are already stuck on you. You got all the power now, but apparently not because you didn’t do it right. How is the most promiscuous dressed in the room still a virgin, well, she doesn’t want to end her reputation with people that think promoting that they are sleeping with men is anyone’s business. And why are you ruining that mans career. No one on earth wants their name mentioned. You will never respect them by exposing them. And now you just made yourself a target because we don’t want to see sex all day. We got jobs, do you know how to be professional? I can’t honor getting drugged up and what looks like gang rape and have my children not impacted by all this chaos. I don’t care who you are sleeping with, stop telling their names, go home, if you don’t got one, go live in the bathhouse swing, and keep your drugs, and stay there until you are ready to obtain value, there’s nothing valuable in being used and still being single. Is that love? I never knew it was like that, I could love without sex, but I guess explaining what a relationship is to someone that only focuses on their needs but needs everyone to know they are having sex so they can be comfortable having sex, but why is this going to help our country. Just instinct feinds robotically preying on children because people with jobs will never pay for some one to just waste their time and space, it’s not hard to work, and there’s free education. But maybe we can try to be inclusive by offering sex education because apparently getting shots every month and infecting everyone and violating privacy is enjoyable. And then trying to ruin a persons reputation because of jealousy? That more pathetic than just… okay I got my inclusivity because I wasn’t Preventing anyone from being themselves on my platform, but you can’t just sleep with people in a place of business, go in the woods, live in a tent. But when you have an opinion, please let me know, how can I be inclusive where it looks like a masterpiece rather than a public health concern? And I thought my Black culture was held back by education, I was giving so much free education to adults and now I’m ready to educate them, maybe for free, maybe make the generate their own income through work, but none of that wasting the clock hoodlum stuff. No work, no money, but I’ll answer all the questions. But every time I try to ask them for the best way to do it, they disrespect me, talk about sex, and so I withdraw my mission to honor and respect these leaders because these people are free. And I’m not white so I’m going home, back in isolation. Because the two people I try to help, for free, with the rest of my life, because I don’t need money, I’m not ignorant. I know I’m black, I know I’m sound slow, but no one can keep up with me. I just keep getting faster and faster, more robotic, I can’t even control my actions. My brain taught itself a skill. Automation? Bots? Free money?

But apparently that is too complicated to follow for someone who has never automated the money. Don’t think, let the robots manage the bills and credit. And go learn something, stop having kids for free labor and income and saying you can’t help with homework because it’s too hard. That is not parenting. And stop abusing them because your so weak and need to pick on someone. I think I have scared a few children into unquestionably loyalty and trust just by psychological tactics, but I forgot, my dog is more educated in human psychology than a human so idk how labeling people with personalities so their fake family can put them in isolation and they get ignored so the ignorant workers can be just as weak as the one who ran away, but discovered guns so now they have a false sense of power, but I don’t need a gun. I got shot but it don’t kill you right away so you still get attacked, so I guess it’s not that powerful, sure you can go hide and create conflict, but now I got bots destroying your businesses so do you really want to play this game? Can you prosecute a robot? And why are we fighting? I just want to educate and learn, and not be disrespected because I have no idea what I look like, I’m afraid of the mirror now, and I can’t look at peoples faces. So now what? I just isolate because no one cares about me. I’m just free labor. But you guys don’t even do a good job, what skills do you have besides milking the clock. Literally everyone is a liar, no one can be trusted, and that’s why I’m a human lie detector, but for some reason 10 opportunities to be honest still gave me lies, but I’ll keep pretending to believe you, but this is a performance anyway. I don’t think anyone can’t match this level of truth. It’s so obvious to me, that’s why I trust no one, but those children, they are pure, everything they do makes sense, so I’m not going to punish them for not understanding adult drama, I don’t even understand it, and that’s why I allow them to be themselves, never judge, and they never hide from me. A parent that doesn’t represent pain, isolation, and slavery. But I still have to let them know how to do it the smart way. Because people don’t just randomly try to be nice, they always have a need, just focus on the triggers, word choice, expressions, tone, body language, and then do the question. If it feels fake, it probably is, so don’t waste your time gonna back and forth because I always find the same result, fake. But you got skills though, so just play the game, enjoy life, and learn about the things that scare you, always be honest because then you can be forever comfortable and happy because these idiots create their own lies and discomfort, none of that nonsense meant anything to me, I just wanted to hear their perspective. But apparently there was no clear info so I go back in isolation. And I support their kids that keep ending up educating me about drugs and that is an immediate sign of neglect but why would I put them in the system? So someone can make a profit and complain about sex trafficking? Why would I fear things? I’m not uneducated, but I’m not smart, I’m just paying attention and not thinking that only my experiences and opinions make sense, because I’m not going to argue. But your not getting unblocked a third time and living to tell the tale because now I know what you all hate. So I’m just going to find 99 ways to take your money. And I got bots to end your business too so good luck manipulating me to pay for air. You better help me with this crap because it wasn’t Suppose to take this long, but now I got so many ideas, and nobody that wants free stuff and free support, and freedom from work, so go work, while I just explore the next 5 years, maybe 8 now, they keep trying to give me ideas, and I love them, but I can’t keep adding years, I just found an activity that could keep me out your game, because I kill and I take money. But why do you want that? I don’t even care about the money. Money isnt even real, credit not real, digital no. But I’m not fake, and I really don’t care if you believe me. But no employer can say they ever had more impact from losing one employee because I was keeping people employed too, you thought that work was theirs? I said go ahead girl go sleep in your car, I’ll work harder so it looked like you did it, and if you get hungry, I’ll buy you food, because if I can pay you, instead of my whole check on Uber, you already are more valuable than my family because I probably asked them for $20 bucks, they complained, I hung up, and that was it. I can’t justify an answer, but it’s getting old, all they can do is tell you why you don’t matter and complain about stuff. I think I’ll just go make someone give me $20. I don’t need it, I just wanted instant stuff, I got no patience. Because I waited 28 years and I never got an answer. So I stopped caring, but this Latino family, this Asian family, my Arabic community, they always had my back, and I didn’t have to explain why $20 is not worth more than an hour discussion. So I hang up, or charge for invoice. Apparently they hate me that much, but I’m fine isolating, taking care of my dog because they are too ignorant to provide clarity, and take care of the kids because the adults are still fighting about opinions and skin color. Why can all colors be appreciated in different ways. Why do the brown ones have some white person forcing them to do stuff? I thought you promoted freedom? Oh you manage freedom. Well I’m not managed, so I must be free. And so why are these social issues my concern? They would never kill me, I’m not harassing them, I was trying to show this thing, this VR works were you can be anyone, anywhere, and experience others experiences and have fun, or sex, but that’s probably too inclusive for people that just follow processes. They don’t want to follow me or ask me to support them. They want something fake. And so when I send you my survey and your response is that you don’t read, you don’t support, and you just want stuff, I say here is your robot, let’s see how long it takes you to realize your just lying to yourself now. Never. Because they only see themselves. Not even the children.

Now Facebook, why is it that I have to drive free traffic, talk to idiots for 6 hours, and not be upset about wasting all that time when I could have worked? And why do you have 6 apps? Literally I don’t Even receive engagement notifications anymore. When I’m done making money, hopefully I won’t need to take yours, and your one employee. And free labor from ignorance. I can’t make a single dollar from you. All your content is fake and scares public but no one can provide answers to their fears? So we get our houses burned because of that fake stuff. How are you inclusive? How do you support black lives? How do you include lgbt. You just wanted to ride the trending topic but what did you offer them?



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