The Discovery of Alternate Universes

I must say… you watch too many movies. Because there isn’t really an alternative universe but there are other universes.

What I wanted to say is that there are differences in perception which could be considered an alternative universe. One person sees and interprets something differently than the other. One person sees the color blue while the other sees the color green.

But for some reason, people still feel the need to argue about that. Why argue about anything? All that aggression… that intensity… do you know why I’m the Green Scientist? Because I’m the Incredible Hulk… because I like Green Ideas… organic crap, science exploration crap, discovery channel and google earth crap.

We were going to discuss…. Well, there’s Nothing to discuss… people are just ignorant monkeys. I think gorillas are on equal terms but stronger, if they learned how to use technology though, now you have something else to fear… like Orangutans and their use of tools.

I can control my dreams… imaginations… daydreams… but not hallucinations. That’s why I don’t do anything that would cause hallucinations. Because my imagination is too creative and scary. It literally is a scary movie. But in 3D. And you can’t escape until enough time passes or the mission is complete.

I used to be afraid of the dark because things can appear and disappear so subtly. Just like in the ocean. Just like the mirror. Just like shadows. And reflections. Even animals are spooked. So I know there is an issue to be concerned about. It’s hard not to react to it because it’s tied to haunted houses and maze experiences. But too much light and you can’t see very well. You strain your eyes. The floaties start appearing. You start receiving orders. But no one else can see it. So when you follow those clues, people will be freaked out or say… you are crazy. But are you? Is it god talking to you or the devil? Do you get the chills? Do you want to meet this thing that keeps giving you supernatural conversation in music? Supernatural conversation in people? Why can they hear your thoughts? Why do they speak in code? Nothing is clear or direct?

But yes let’s fight and argue about our experiences because we are all the same people experiencing the same thing the same way. Let’s call each other liars because they experienced something we did not. Because that makes sense right? Are we friends? Are we enemies? I think so but do you think as I do? Do you allow room for another perception? Or is it just your way or the highway? And thus the discussion of alternate universes begins.



-- “Machine Learning Mind Matrix” Study of The Green Scientist Quest in Psychology, Schizophrenia, Psychosis, Mental Health Drugs, Ideations.

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Nature’s Uprise

Nature’s Uprise “Machine Learning Mind Matrix” Study of The Green Scientist Quest in Psychology, Schizophrenia, Psychosis, Mental Health Drugs, Ideations.

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