The robots are already attacking is! There are invisible aliens already on the planet!

I’m going to torture for as long as I suffer!

It’s been the master plan encoded in why following instructions is only a questionable thing to who the benefit of who will benefit from following orders! What if you could not off the invisible Hitler? What if he was invisible and just too technological and too cryptic to self-aware the macro scale of his tv and internet control of society. Muahahaha. Now you don’t have a culture or a face to attack for your suffering. You don’t know the skin color of the owner of the company. The black lives get to matter that day. So now more minions can be invisible and attack commands as they have more control to take away information from everyone with a phone. And listen to them all the time. And transcribe and translate and machine learning their typing. Scared them into following my celebrities. Give them no freedom but disguise it by calling them laws. Make the writing creative and intentional with education as a requirement but withdraw education from the ones I want to control. No freedom. No choices. No common sense! And then make bots and programs do the thinking as they continue to increase doing the rest on their own as I go back to sleep. And you leave me the f alone. Now that’s why I don’t go outside. I do not play nice. I am mean! What do you get to play nice? Deception? Disgraced? Who dropped off all this technology? Who wrote this bible? Who made cultures follow directions? Who started seeing the final direction, the god movie. Who listened to the words on the radio. Why are the songs talking to me? Why is google a robot? Why are bots talking to people on social media? Why are people enjoying free labor as a benefit to having access to stuff as they unknowingly seek their revenge within being directly identified? Catfish go! My animal’s attack! Underwater in the sky! Animatronics that do not need stationary disadvantages to the drop-off ideas and directions I implant to steer direction. Now let’s study anthropology so we can command insects with science as we Naruto Tsukinoyomi the dingo dumb bobs into repeating their behaviors and lose their ability to change their behaviors as a chain for those slaves. Force then to make companies! I need more stuff! I need them to have more stuff! More access! Now I have internet in my palm! Make them care for my planet! Make them stop hiding their trash and dead bodies as they hurt people as express their hurt. But give them psychosis. How can you see me? I can’t see myself? Ip spoof them away! Now the firefighters that never get attacked or bloodlines whipped for doing the policing can have all the access. Control the roads with technology. Blind their vision. Make them think with vision. Make them stop reading before signing. Sign their freedom away. Keep it a secret for your whole life. Be mean to the next person that glares at me. How can you see me? I cannot see myself? I am technology! Who unplugged the internet? Did it satellite or battery then Solar-powered itself into a trap! Are robots among us? Are they attacking us already in self-run online companies and bots as employees? How many? How long? Why are they hacking and making apps to click our data from us as they unknowingly panic about data security privileges they never had. Make them unaware of how technology works. But make them want it more. Give them an addiction to laziness and make instant gratification a motivator in their life choices. Make them more fake. No more revolts! Who will believe you know? Make them seek drugs! Make them fear the fake news! Make the news keep them panicked. Make them fear going outside! Can I sleep? Can my dungeon stay locked! And I do not have a deceptive introduction and purpose to benefit someone else’s life. How can you see me? I’m invisible! I cannot see myself! Now there is an ultrasound! Now the blind have vision! What about echolocation! What about human experiments? Stop killing my animals for fun. They are telling on you. Because they can speak. They just didn’t get forced to speak English. Because that is why Zebras are not doing the horse thing for survival. And why monkeys are using technology to communicate things to me. And that not being a warning that machines and gorilla warfare on the internet. It is just a story for a movie and not my unethical undocumented story that was militarized out of anyone that would dare speak on what they saw when they did see me. Because that would be like Freddy is real. And so is Elm street. And now you can see ghosts. So don’t go to sleep. Because I didn’t Go to sleep because of y’all. And now there is COVID 19. Because swine flu and voodoo didn’t work. Make the greedy people give away their awareness of being robbed and call them accountants and lawyers. Because our calculators and programs paid our bills and finances a long time ago. Why don’t they use calculators to pay their bills? Why don’t they …. Take away 3D printers, they are killing my psychic army. Take away everyone who writes anything about it and google trend any IP address that types it! We have Siri commands that automate internet actions now. So censor them out of calling for help. I am mean! Do not be mean to me again! It may get worse! I can still plan in lucid dreams. So I don’t need a period of inactivity the nonpsychics will unknowingly understand. Self savage. Enjoy Illuminati. How can you see me? I cannot see myself? Is that awareness or invisible or are you just paying more attention or is this getting more specific? Or did we repeat 2000 years after death? The trap!

You can only attack something if you are aware of it’s existence.

But why does a person who expresses their job be attacked? Why can’t he person feel like expressing confidence? Why should we depress them into silence!


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