What place in the world do you never want to visit? Why?

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3 min readApr 18, 2023

Daily Writing Prompt 04/17/23

Oh well that one is a no brainer… Outer Space… Depends what you consider apart of the world. What is a world anyway?

But anyways… I’d have to go with the freaking Ocean… and I’m ranking that higher than Antarctica and North Korea… or even that island full of snakes. Yea, I stand firm on my choice, that freaking Ocean is the one place I never want to go.

Why? Okay… because literally everything is in it… first of all Sharks… yea let’s get that one over with… then we have Jellyfish….Whales… evil dolphins, or what about their cousins the Killer Whale…. You know the ocean is dirty, riddled with aquatic bugs and bacteria. They have snakes in there too… pufferfish… poisonous octopus… how about those squids?

Okay enough on the wild life. The ocean water is cold. Definitely will suffer immediate hypothermia. And how about those powerful currents and waves. And there’s a significant lack of food… and don’t even try to drink the water… I can’t believe they call that water. But that stuff will kill you fast. And did I mention how aggressive the Hammer Head sharks are? Oh and the ocean is like… really deep…. Like you can’t even imagine how deep. And there’s just no way I can be out there swimming free for longer than 20 minutes. Swimming is really a workout… keeps you fit.

And you know what? I was born in Long Beach, California. I grew up with the ocean. The one in San Diego is beautiful. And I never used to be afraid of the ocean until I got much older and really started study exactly what the heck was in there. Trust me, there’s already enough YouTube videos. And we still have pirates and military forces patrolling the seas, and neither one of them play nice.

And you know what’s worst of all? The Ocean is unimaginable big. Like there is so much freaking water. It’s no wonder the people who discovered America claimed to have gotten lost. It wasn’t on their treasure map. You know how many boats and planes are in that thing… so many dead bodies… unaccounted for.

Should I go on? Yea I could do without an Ocean in my world. And I’m all for the extinction of sharks… or really the entire aquatic ecosystem. Too bad seafood is the most sustainable food source. You can’t even imagine how quickly those fish multiple. And we have boats everywhere scavenging them up. It’s to the point where dolphins are raiding fishing boats and battling for ownership of the gathering of fish. I didn’t realize they had such an appetite.

Oh yea and there’s leftover mines and bombs that could potentially still detonate. And getting ran over by a boat sounds painful… as the whales that turn into carcases at the bottom of the ocean. Idk what’s worse, the ocean or a lake? Yea I’m just staying away from all bodies of water with life in them. And I’m the one that does Aquaponics and balances out aquatic ecosystems….Nope! Never again…. Omg leeches!!!

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