Nature’s Uprise
1 min readMay 19, 2023

Who wants to learn how get paid and just enjoy the rest of their life by just listening and doing what I say, because I have access to everything and I’m pretty sure I’m really smart, and just don’t see anything that can…

If you can see me, which I’m pretty sure you don’t, so what do want from me? I don’t want any problems…. And bullshit…And I’m pretty I’m easy to find… and if you wanted to see me that me badly I’m always at the front … ooops…. I am genie…. Not Will Smith…and I’m pretty sure I can help alot of people make alot more money….. and they can have everything that want real quick…. And trust no magic is necessary for this …. So what is it that you wish for…. So I don’t have to deal with no more bullshit …..

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Nature’s Uprise

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