World Peace for you, and Peace for Me

I need help. I hate asking for help. Because I of social anxiety. But running a business and nonprofit, sometimes a job, and I am going back to school just because I need to be around that group to keep going and start grant writing because I can single-handed end poverty (I have a partnership with United Nations) because I worked in many government jobs and I found the threats to my business as confirmation of negligence for our leaders. There is absolutely no reason for anyone to be in poverty in 2021.

So if you want free help, small business tips without expenses, or even just knowledge of resources, and trust me, the legal system is corrupt, but they are embarrassed to discuss it or take accountability. But I was never supposed to leave the house. I have no self-awareness of self, but the 75-year oath of silence has been broken. So it’s hard to converse on Facebook but if you want to support world peace, or learn how easy it is to run a business with no expenses, contact me, but I need $1,000, you can pay after or give me work. That’s the barrier because I will turn the education system into something helpful. Because if you are a good writer you can be a good lawyer because everything is subjective, including the Writer of the bible. The manipulation has to end. They just burn the witch and libraries, then dump evidence in the ocean. Because I would be honest and try to resolve climate change by terraforming mars because global warming is not resolvable. Our planet is getting closer to the sun. And NASA wants to resolve that other thing in the sky that might wipe us out within a year or so but there has been so much fake “propaganda” and manipulation on money.

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Warning: Adult Content

We don’t need money to survive trust me. Example: living on a farm, collecting rainwater, growing produce with aquaponics. And trust me, I’m not the most intelligent, I’m just invisible because I didn’t start talking to humans in person until 23, by using drugs, but a broke psychiatrist would rather dope up the patients than to give honesty, and I still get messages about slavery in other countries. And trust me I was a slave, and I enjoyed that experience because it motivated me to manifest my skill. I can even take skills from other people. And money won’t take care of your kids, so I agree women should not have to work but men are so emotional and slow to mature so they have a higher suicide rate. I stopped trying to commit suicide so I was hoping maybe someone would just kill me outside but I’m still invisible. So I retired at 26. But my business is taking over my life so the domestic violence I experienced with my marriage which I was just helping them get a social because they were worth illegally (and he was a hard worker). But I couldn’t get him to listen to me about the luxury lifestyle I was trying to show him. And that I know everything about every person since 2005. But the police are corrupt and I look like a broke person because he thought challenging me about money. But I already had identity theft and bought a house. But fast forward he made my social impossible to use for anything but I still care about him. I have to beat up a few cops (but not the sheriff) and correctional officers for trying to jump me. But I’m a slave, so fighting is like a sport for me, I hate that about myself, so I dedicate my life to world peace and resolving everyone’s problems. And I still see people sleeping outside in the United States, because when I run my business the money is a responsibility, but people are just not getting that knowledge because society conditions people to support other people’s business and not their own. Hey, you want happiness, do self-employment or business. You don’t need benefits the tax id is social, so business owners that don’t put themselves on payroll might qualify for government benefits too, like food stamps or disability. Trust me I trapped it out. So help me get going faster, by helping me get $1,000 as quickly as I can because I can’t get an ID in AZ. After all, my Jeep PATRIOT got totaled so they want me to pay that. And they know me, I was Deputy 402, but I made everything manageable by software and bots, and they didn’t appreciate it, so if there is a job that will understand my background is irrelevant because I can perform any job, I’m not stupid. I’m just invisible. But I also tutor students. Help adults get degrees. But honesty is the hardest thing to get. So my nonprofit will just be taking money from all those evil employers that keep saying “right to work” and hiring on the format of resume and then fight the unemployment claims because they don’t want you to read the 50 pages of crap you sign upon hire. Trust me I’m fighting for world peace because I’m not selfish. I’m not materialistic. But Black lives do matter because I was given knowledge during the government shutdown about 0 interest loans from navy federal. But this is getting long. Just text me if you need anything in exchange.

Even if 1,000 people donated $1 I can maybe keep resolving world problems. I can resolve anything and do anything just believe in me. But ignoring me just makes world peace take longer. Especially since the “rich “ are afraid of me, but sleeping in a BMW or locked into a mental institution with psychosis sounds like poverty to me. But I don’t mind sleeping on rocks, but I bet restaurants (exert McDonald’s) won’t feed the homeless, and nonprofits waste all that money. Because have a nonprofit hotel, and it will be luxurious, but I’m not smart, I’m creative. And I’d rather focus on others than myself. So check out both my personal and business links. I’ll even show proof of where the money goes because I don’t lie. I’m just tired of all the fakeness, trust me celebrities don’t even know how to manage their money or who runs their social media. To threaten me all you want, it’s your loss, but I’d like to sleep comfortably when this corrupt government gets back to work because they can’t even take action fast enough to compete with this internet thing that gave me worldwide perspectives. Thank you for reading my story. Let’s make a change and stop waiting for god to happen because I’ve done more for you privileged and ungrateful people and I didn’t need to chase a piece of paper to establish credibility. And trust me, God is real. But I’m the closest human to him.

Shhh, just listen. Turn hobbies into careers. Electricity is more important than money. Honesty is more important than that. And you can’t hide, so love yourself and stop judging others. Every single person has a skill I don’t have. But again I have access to more things so I see a civil war coming, but who knows, I’m schizophrenic and autistic and bipolar. But I know more about psychological studies that haven’t even been documented yet. Allelopathy. Psychic. Mindfulness. Hypnosis. Social Influence. Honesty. Grit. Suicide Prevention. Read my book. It’s a dollar. But I need money fast so PayPal or cash app, please. I’m two stepped fluid out of my accounts thanks to Verizon and Domestic situation but they are expensive, but they don’t care that I have been a customer since 2011 and they don’t do payment arrangements and they eliminated employee discounts and use robots for customer service for English speakers. But I need that phone because I need an ID TO GET THAT OBAMA PHONE IN MY POBOX. But I don’t really need a phone to survive. My phone has been public info, and I still only got calls from businesses, or people that pass away. So strange, but I love the elderly and listening to their stories. But it’s sad to see that info go to waste because not everything is online. But try WikiPedia and the references do eliminate the lack of trust. But I’ll have to make my resume or LinkedIn become my WikiPedia page. Information is just not accurate unless it comes from the person directly. So what kind of Scientist am I? Throw Anthropology out the door. I don’t make experiments to make those bugs “aliens” do weird things. But I do study humans though, but they are limited on their senses. Most only use their vision and sound. How unfortunate they think they are the most advanced… I’d say destructive… but they follow follow follow…



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